Resume Tips from a Tech Recruiter

Want to make sure your tech resume has maximum impact? When applying for a tech position, you want your resume to represent you well, at first glance! Recruiters read thousands of resumes to find top talent for roles. Use these tips to grab your readers’ attention with targeted information that will entice them to continue reading.

  1. List valuable information and skills at the top of your resume. List the technologies and tools you have hands-on experience with based on the role in which you are applying. Use relevant categories such as:
    • Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript
    • Database’s: MongoDB, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL Database
    • Cloud: AWS Certifications: AWS cloud practitioner
  2. Use bullet points, NOT paragraphs, for the resume body.
    • Simply put bullet points provide noticeability for your skill and experience key points. Recruiters sometimes receive 250+ resumes for one job posting – make your resume an easy read.
  3. Keep the style and formatting simple.
    •  Avoid overly complex styles and resume designs. It’s true that a resume has 6 to 8 seconds to grab and hold a recruiter’s attention. You want them to pay attention to the resume content rather than be distracted by fancy colors and fonts.

Resume Do’s and Dont’s

Searching for jobs can be frustrating, especially if you are not receiving callbacks. Job competition is fierce, so you need a professionally written resume that is correctly formatted, keyword specific to your job search, and visually appealing to get you noticed!